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RooCruit Candidate:


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About the Candidate

I'm a Payroll Consultant and conduct the following tasks, create timelines for the payroll month, receives and processes salary input.
Ensure payroll is.correct. sends reports to clients. Processes and loads bank files for clients. Ensure that third party payments is done. Resolves Queries within 24 hours

International Experience: 



10-20 hours a week

Area of Expertise: 

Payroll, Bookkeeping, General Admin, HR Supervisor

Years Experience: 


Current and Previous Roles:

Payroll Supervisor, Payroll Consultant, HR Supervisor

Working at home

Relevant Experience

Payroll Supervisor



- Works on Blue Bisson Payroll System, ZOHO and Excel

- I review and ensure that the payroll input is correctly captured on the payroll
system, and I then send to the client. I do payroll for Bermuda and Cayman

- Process a maximum of 500 employees during payroll. Currently on 450 and 6

- Setup monthly schedules for clients.

- Process multiple payrolls.

- Capture take-on of financial information for tax year-end purposes.

- Ensure approval is received timeously.

- Resolve client queries.

- Conduct Tax Quarterly Returns and Reconciliations

- Run payments files and follow up on payments if required.

- Ensure payslips and invoices are issued.

- Responsible for final reporting.

- Third party schedules and Recons done monthly to submit for payment

- Ad hoc reporting/ consulting.

- Problem solving as needed.

- Maintaining the Administrative processes and procedures.

- Advising clients to be compliant

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