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RooCruit Candidate:


Video Interview

About the Candidate

I am an idealistic visionary who believes in the alchemy of life and live each moment as a satisfying personal experience. With my dynamic personality, I exude professionalism and a leadership presence. I believe that there is beauty in everything. My internal motivation has helped me navigate through my career. My dedication and passion to learn and grow has afforded me the opportunities that have led me to where I am now.

I am loyal to the core and always dedicated to being a pillar of support for all those around me. My biggest passion is to serve; therefore, I am characterised as a servant leader and always strive to serve others.

With excellent communication, networking, and well-developed interpersonal skills, I integrate well within a team and can form trusted relationships with subordinates, clients as well as superiors. Whilst focusing on the job, I am able to keep my eye on the horizon while growing and adapting organically to the environment that I am placed in. My proven track record of responsibility, integrity and commitment to company objectives has allowed me to be innovative
in unlocking my growth.

International Experience: 



10-40 hours a week

Area of Expertise: 

Corporate Training, Administration, Customer Service, Producing Campaign and Brand content, procurement

Years Experience: 


Current and Previous Roles:

Corporate Trainer, Personal Assistant to the Registrar, Executive Personal Assistant, Facilities Manager

Working at home

Relevant Experience

Executive Personal Assistant



Secretariat services to identified university committees by arranging meetings,
preparation and distribution of agendas, attending and minuting meetings,
preparation of minutes, collation and provision of information to facilitate
decision making, record-keeping of recommendations and decisions,
management and updating of membership list.

Assist with the drafting of the university calendar on a yearly basis.

Update the committee membership booklet as and where required.

Assist at graduation, inaugural lectures and registration.

Responding to queries related to the Registrar’s Office and Secretariat,
passing on of queries that cannot be addressed by incumbent.

Maintaining the Registrar’s Diary.

Correspondence, typing general correspondence, occasional Student
Acceptance Letters, letters to students concerning appeals, responding to
emails on a daily basis and Research Approval Letters.

Purchase Orders: controlling and ordering of all office stationery and other
consumables. Processing purchase orders up to a value of R50,000.00.

Arranging travel, (flight bookings, car hire) and accommodation.

Responsibility for all Administrative Support required by the Registrar and
Management of the Division including the scheduling of appointments and
meetings, preparation of documentation, correspondence, message service,
making travel arrangements and completing associated financial steps
required for bookings (purchase orders), preparation and maintenance of a
day file for the Registrar.

Assessing incoming correspondence and having the ability to judge
Registrar’s Division.

Processing and maintain a register of all Contracts entered into by the
University. (This is managed in the absence of a manager under the

Update and maintain contract repository.

Monthly Divisional of Budget for Operational and Capital Expenditure.

Legal Contract Management

Ensure Contracts are filed and recorded efficiently.

Create and Maintain Relationships with stakeholders

Respond to emails and phone calls

Schedule meetings

Book travel and accommodations

Manage a contact list

Prepare customer spreadsheets and keep online records

Organize managers’ calendars

Perform market research

Create presentations, as assigned

Address employees administrative queries

Provide customer service as first point of contact

Manage Social Media Pages

Create Social Media Content

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