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RooCruit &
The Africa Trust
RooCruit supports sustainable solutions to poverty

The founders at RooCruit, brothers Matthew and Joshua, have always been passionate about supporting charity. They grew up in Cambridge in an entrepreneurial family who have always been committed to using a percentage of business profits to fund charitable projects. 


In 2012, Joshua was responsible for building and delivering a business training program in Malawi for The Africa Trust. 


The success of this program led the brothers to visit Cape Town, South Africa for 6 months. Today over 10,000 micro businesses have been established and funded by The Africa Trust in countries including Malawi, Uganda, South Africa and Zimbabwe. 


Since 2017 the brothers have used a percentage of RooCru profits to fund business skills training for 123 individuals and subsequently fund 123 new businesses. 


Supporting charities continues to be an important focus for RooCru and our commercial success will continue to support charitable projects around the world. 


Want to find out more? Please email and use the subject line ‘RooCru charity’. Alternatively visit the to learn more. 

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Thanks to our clients RooCruit has been able to donate...


Install one award winning Elephant Pump which will provide safe clean drinking water to 250 people in Manicaland, Zimbabwe


Deliver business skills training to over 755 people in rural villages in Malawi and Zimbabwe


Our contributions have been able to fund 116 micro businesses across Malawi and Zimbabwe

Why The Africa Trust?

The Africa Trust is a charity close to the founders hearts. Paul Searle, the father of Matthew and Joshua founded the charity with Ian Thorpe. Paul Searle has used a percentage of profits from his company AquAid to deliver clean drinking water to over 2 million people across Africa and helped to fund over 16,000 micro businesses. 

The co-founder Ian Thorpe is the designer of the Elephant Pump, a sustainable water pump used by millions across Africa. The Elephant Pump was recognised by The World Bank and St. Andrews Medal for the Environment for its cost effectiveness, reliability and user friendliness. In 2005 Ian Thorpe collected the St Andrews Medal for the Environment after a record 260 entrants competed for the prestigious prize. 

Founded in 2010 the charity guarantees 100% of donations are used in the field. This is thanks to Pauls company AquAid absorbing all operational costs. Today the Africa Trust focuses primarily on installing Elephant Pumps across rural areas in Africa alongside funding business skills training and providing start-up capital for over 10,000 micro businesses. 

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Visit The Africa Trust website by clicking below
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