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RooCruit Candidate:


Video Interview

About the Candidate

I’m a Social Media Manager and Copywriter. I’m passionate about helping companies reach their goals through engaging content and creative campaigns. My background in digital marketing and copywriting has helped me create content that drives engagement and brand loyalty. I’m always looking for ways to create content that resonates with the target audience and helps drive ROI. I’m also experienced in SEO, analytics, Facebook and Google ads, and creating campaigns that drive conversions.

International Experience: 



10, 20 or 40 hours a week

Area of Expertise: 

Social Media Manager, Content Creation, Keyword Research

Years Experience: 


Current and Previous Roles:

Head of Social Media & Content, Content Producer, Social Media Manager

Working at home

Relevant Experience

Head of Social Media & Content



Duties Include:
- Develop & Implement brand strategies.
- Developed & implemented blogs & social media sales strategies.
- Developed & Implemented content calendars.
- Grew 8 social media communities, engagement growth 64% higher than the average.
- Increased conversions by 150% , CTR 62% & social web referrals 40% in the first 8 months.
- Oversaw weekly social media content, promotions & strategies.
- Collaborated with various stakeholders to create marketing campaigns.
- Managed consumer, customer & business information data for marketing programs campaigns.
- Trained & mentored interns.
- Developed content & designs for email newsletters.
- Developed content for SMS marketing campaigns.
- Reporting on ROI using Google Analytics & Mailchimp.

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