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RooCruit Candidate:


Video Interview

About the Candidate

Thank you for taking your time to consider going through my resumé and portfolio.

I have vast experience in the multimedia industry as a Creative and I am technical, where there is a problem, I will find a solution. I am a team player and I work well as an individual too. Learning more about my trade is of utmost importance to me as it keeps me up-to-date with the ever changing technologies of the world.

All the work that I do is self taught. Collectively, I have over 15 years of hands - on experience, and also experience in the corporate world. Given that, I believe I will be a great asset to your company and will add notable value to it.

International Experience: 



10-20 hours a week

Area of Expertise: 

UI/UX Design, Motion Graphics, Graphics Design, Social Media Content, Photography, Editing

Years Experience: 


Current and Previous Roles:

Marketing Manager

Working at home

Relevant Experience

Marketing Manager



Duties include:

- Graphic Designing
- UI/UX Designing
- Social Media Content
- Web Blogs
- Photography Editing
- Motion Graphics
- Editing Videos
- Soundtracks

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